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Old Saybrook Lions Club

Old Saybrook Lions Club


About Us

Our emphasis is on the needs of the blind & now hearing impaired. We collect used eyeglasses and hearing aids. These items are cleaned and refurbished and then distributed to those in need. We donate back to the community 97 cents of every dollar we raise. Our funds help support local Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Little League, O.S. Food Pantry, and local events such as Concerts on the Town Green, We provide Free Vision Screening to local schools, preschools, and childcare facilities. These Screenings are especially important. 10% of children screened show a need for Eye Examination. We are a nonprofit serving our community in a variety of ways. Where There is a Need There is a Lion! - Check our website for dropoff locations Look for us on Facebook, Old Saybrook Lions Club and Foundation.

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