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Nicole Desanti Art

About Us

I am a self-taught artist from Canton, Connecticut. My work is heavily influenced by the New England landscape. Watercolor and gouache medium is my go-to but I dabble in acrylic and oil, on canvas as well as other things such as tiles, wood slabs, and walls.

I am widely known for whimsical house portraits. They have been a sensation with realtors and mortgage companies across America. They make great gifts at real estate closings.

Before I became a full-time artist I was a writer. My work has been published in Connecticut Magazine, The Connecticut Post, and Litchfield Magazine. I also maintain a lifestyle Instagram account called New England Weekender. I feature photography from across New England as well as suggestions for the best places to “eat, play, stay” wherever it is you’re visiting

Currently, my work can be purchased online and in person at select retailers. I also offer private instruction as well as workshops.

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